The place to shop if you are looking for that special something to take home from Yungaburra.

Miss Meg’s is a delightful little vintage shop located on Eacham Road at the Red Shed Shops. Specialising in all things vintage Miss Meg’s also stocks unique new clothing, her own range of jewellery and accessories, as well as an abundance of locally made craft, art and candles.

It does not stop there, upcycling is a common thread throughout the store. Old lamps have been revamped, chandeliers given new life and tea towels made into all sorts of delights. There are magnets that were once bottle tops and combinations of buttons and spoons. Visit this week it won’t be too soon.

No matter your interest Miss Meg’s is bound to please. Out front there is a bench for those husbands to wait patiently…

Contact: Meg Stansfield
Address: Shop 1, 20 Eacham Road, Yungaburra, Queensland 4884
Phone: 045 779 8048
Hours: 9.30 – 3.30 – 7 days