Lake Eacham Accommodation on the beautiful Atherton Tablelands

The Cottages

Our luxury cottages are themed individually to make your stay just that bit more memorable. Choose from the Tuscany, Bali, Pioneer or the Beach Hut. Awake to the sounds of birds… slide into a soothing spa… snuggle up in front of relaxing fire…feed the rainforest wallabies from your private verandah.

Spot the Victoria’s Riflebird, a bird of Paradise displaying his bright colours for his mate.

If you are early risers, enjoy the morning chorus or bird song. Listen for the whip-crack call of the Eastern Whip Bird or the eerie cry of the Spotted Catbird or the morning melody of the Chowchillas. During the night you can listen for the unusual “bomb falling whistle” call of the Lesser Sooty Owl or the call of the Boobook Owl.

Even if you are not dedicated bird watchers, you will be impressed by the Victoria’s Riflebird (bird of paradise), which can be seen displaying for his mate at the cottages, or charmed by the personalities of the family of Kookaburras that fly in for a visit

Things to do

Try an exhilarating tour on the back of a trike.  Check out the website for Tableland Trike Tours – .   Some examples of tours include a pub crawl, sight seeing tours and the wine a coffee tour.

Contact: John & Jenny
Address: Lot 17 Eacham Close, Lake Eacham Qld 4884
Phone: (07) 4095 2322 | INT: +61 7 4095 2322

Crater Lakes Cottages Virtual Tour

Google Virtual Tour inside all of your accommodation options:

Click/hold/drag this image for the Google Virtual Tour inside this cottage and out onto your private balcony.  Click the arrows to walk around.  Click Numbers 1 to 4 at the lower right hand of the images to step inside each of our stunning rainforest cottages

Crater Lakes Cottages Photos.